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TLD Years Register Renew Transfer
.com 1-yr MYR 38 MYR 40 MYR 40
.net 1-yr MYR 48 MYR 50 MYR 50
.org 1-yr MYR 45 MYR 47 MYR 47
.us 1-yr MYR 55 MYR 57 MYR 57
.biz 1-yr MYR 67 MYR 69 MYR 69
.info 1-yr MYR 20 MYR 22 MYR 22 1-yr MYR 51 MYR 53 MYR 53

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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For Malaysia legal organisation only, a SSM number and full company name needed.
For Malaysia legal organisation or private Malaysian Identity Card (IC) or foreigner with proof staying in Malaysia only, a SSM number and full company name needed or softcopy of Identity Card (IC).
Last but not least, if you wish to register a Malaysian domain without the necessary documents. You can purchase a PROXY which we can register and manage the domain professionally for you.